living in my dreams.

welcome to my shop ❤︎ thank you so so much for being here!

just wanted to share a little background of what lead me on this amazing adventure of creating my own handmade stickers!
nicolettenotes as my brand has shifted quite a lot over the years. i stared it in 2017 while living abroad in amsterdam for the summer with my love. i wanted to create postcards of our travels and send them back home to people who wanted to see what we were seeing. and on the back they always came with a nicolettenote ❤︎ just my words that held love, inspiration and a gentle reminder that you are beautiful and to let the world see that.

that's when i kind of started to realize that the ideas i had and the things i wanted to say, needed to be heard. people needed reminders that they are enough, that they are worth it, that this life could be whatever they wanted it to be. and so even now, since i have stepped away from postcards and into the world of stickers, each of my stickers still comes with a nicolettenote ❤︎ to remind you that you are an amazing human who deserves to be happy and free of self doubt.

and that's the most important thing to me. to make you smile. to make you realize that you as a person are the coolest and raddest one out there. and i promise you are so loved and looked up to. so go out there and be yourself. make the world a better place. take my stickers and little self love letters with you to help bring you back to this reality when you are feeling a little lost.

i love you so so much and thank you for being here ❤︎

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